Potbelly Brewery Tour - Amazing, Best Value for Money Night Out

The night Mark from Beach Valley Designs visited The Potbelly Brewery in Kettering for their Awesome Brewery Tour.


It’s 7:00 o'clock in the evening and the doors open, you walk into the brewery and hear the background sounds coming from the water tanks and chillers.  You walk straight up to the bar and pay your money to one of the people behind the bar.  They ask you what you're going to drink first, they ask you if you want to start at the lower percentage beers work your way up?  I just started at the upper end and pretty much hung around there all night drinking the stronger beers.


The supper arrives after a while, either fish and chips or sausage and chips, goes down very well with another beer from the bar.  The helpful and friendly staff behind the bar make sure you are served very quickly to make sure you remain hydrated.  In the bar there is a array of games, darts, table footballs and a pool table that can keep you entertained.


 As soon as your glass is empty, go straight up to the bar and get another beer.  This continues until, somebody announces that the Brewery Tour is about to start.  You all walk around the corner into the brewing area and the head brewer proceeds to tell you his whole life story.  Not actually, he just tells you how he brews the beers.  This goes on for as long as you want, you can ask as many questions during his talk as you want to.  It is a good idea to keep popping back to the bar every little while to make sure you glass does not stay empty for too long.


You get show where the grain goes, then it gets sparged, then the liquid from the grain gets pumped into a boiler, hops are added at different intervals, after the boil, the liquid is cooled then pumped to fermentation vessels where the yeast is added, etc. etc. etc.


After the tour, it is back to the bar for more beer and cider too.  If you have been chosen by your friends to be the designated driver, there is an array of soft drinks for you to consume.  After a while longer the bell goes for last orders, this sadly brings an end to an amazing evening.  Unbelievable night out, supper and quite a few beers for £25.  This is probably the best value for money night out in Kettering!!!